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I'm Jane. I'm a 40-something woman who, until recently, was pretty over-weight. I'd tried everything, until I finally discovered the secret to life, the universe and losing that damn weight. It's actually really easy - do it because you want to be HEALTHIER and view it as a long-term project.

My blog charts some of my exploits, gives you some thoughts on various products, tips on things I've found that work and it will hopefully inspire you to get to where you want to be weight-wise. I started at 14st 5lbs, which isn't great when you're only 5ft tall. I needed to lose around 5st and am about half way there now. Join me as I battle my way to getting shot of the rest of the weight.

I'm not in any way medically trained. My posts here are based on first hand experience and observations. This site is for people who, like me, are otherwise healthy but are fed up with how they look and how they feel and need to sort themselves out.

Take good care of yourself!

Jane x

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