Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Help! I Can't Keep My Knickers Up!

My diminishing girth is causing me a problem. My knickers keep falling down. I have considered stapling the sides to make them fit again, but perhaps it's time to pay M&S a visit? What? Other shops sell knickers? Don't be ridiculous!

It's not just knickers though, I just put that in the title as an unashamed way of getting people to read the page. 'Help, my t shirts are baggy!' does have quite the same pull, does it? Tis true though. My t shirts are all too big as well. Luckily, as I put weight on, I kept all my old jeans, so I'm OK there. You'll just have to pretend not to notice that they're all a bit 'retro' being as how they are at least a decade old.

So, knickers have gone from an 18 to a 14, and my t shirts have gone from a 22 to a 14 - I bought three tees today. Whoop, whoop and thrice whoop! I can cram into a 14 jeans too, but it's really not a pretty sight. Still, I think I'll claim that as being 'about a size 14', if anyone asks my dress size. I've always been a glass half full kinda girl ;)

M&S now do packs of lacy knickers not just the plain ones that I would usually get, so I'll treat myself to those. I need to bras too, but they're expensive, so they'll have to wait for another couple of stone.

New clothes! How exciting! Must resist buying too much just yet. I still have some way to go :D

I still have a nasty head cold though. Poor me :(. It's making me feel shattered all the time and walking is exhausting. I spent two hours asleep yesterday afternoon which isn't like me at all, so I must be ill. Bah!

This is all by way of an excuse for not having lost any weight again. I wonder how much snot weighs. Perhaps that's what's holding me back.

So today...


Breakfast: Yakult and a grapfruit
Lunch: Salmon fillet with veg and avocado.
Dinner: Quinoa and chicken.
Snack: Ovaltine Options hot choccie drink. 
Drinks: 1.5l of tap water

This little lot adds up to about 810 calories according to FitBit. 

FitBit Stats From Yesterday

Steps: 10,624
Distance: 6.12 miles
Active minutes: 36

My Stats

Current weight: 11st 5.6lbs (pffft)
Next weight target: 11st 3lbs (I will go from 'obese' to 'over weight' according to the NHS's BMI stats)


  1. Keep going Jane! I saw you from a distance the other day and you're certainly looking fantastic! I'm jealous of your willpower, although the old Fitbit does keep me motivated! Xxxx

    1. Ahhhh... thank you, Sam. I hope you had a great holiday! xxxx