Friday, 31 July 2015

Avoiding Diet Temptations

Oh how I'm laughing as I write this blog post. Another timely post...

I've not not lost any weight today and I can't think why. It can't possibly have anything to do with the half packet of chocolate chip cookies I ate yesterday. Nope. Definitely not that.

Temptation is EVERYWHERE when you're dieting. I succumbed yesterday which is very annoying because I was all set to regale you all with helpful hints about how to avoid buying cack when you go shopping. You know what though? I'm going to tell you anyway. Do as I say, not as I did. I was better today. Honest.

I go to the supermarket everyday. So everyday, I am faced with aisle upon aisle filled with goodies. Well, baddies really, but nice tasting baddies. And everyday I am faced with the irony of the supermarket having Diabetes UK as its nominated charity when it peddles so much sugar and badness. But I digress. I have discovered two things that have really helped me to avoid temptation at the shop (except for yesterday).

Firstly, I eat before I head out. If I'm hungry, I'm much more likely to buy cack than I am when I'm feeling full.

Secondly, if I buy 'treats' for my son, I buy him things that I don't actually like so I'm not forced to eat them later. I try not to have anything that I should avoid in the house at all. That was the problem yesterday - I had bought biscuits because we have a visitor.

Gah. I'm so cross with myself for eating those biscuits. I felt really yucky afterwards too. Pffft. I have eaten much better today though...


Breakfast: Grapefruit and a Yakult (again)
Lunch: Tuna mayo and salad. What?! I like mayo, OK? 
Dinner: Omelette and a peach.
Snack: Ovaltine Options hot choccie drink. 
Drinks: 1.5l of tap water

This little lot adds up to about 528 calories according to FitBit. Not a lot of calories is it? I don't feel hungry though, so all good. Fingers crossed that tomorrow's weigh in will be better than today's one was!

FitBit Stats From Yesterday

Steps: 16,982
Distance: 6.88 miles
Active minutes: 99

My Stats

Current weight: 11st 8.2lbs (Same as yesterday. Booooooo.)
Next weight target: 11st 7lbs (pre-holiday weight)

TOMORROW: Cutting Out The Cack

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