Monday, 27 July 2015

Losing 2lbs A Week

I have my FitBit set at losing 2lbs a week, which seems to be a sensible and achievable target. There's really no point in hoping you'll lose a stone a week because it just won't happen. Not without removing a limb or making yourself very ill at any rate.

Losing 2lbs a week is actually quite unlikely. In my experience, sometimes I lose more and sometimes I lose less, but that's my target. It's a good target because it gets you into a mind set that says 'I'm here for the long-haul' rather than 'I'm still holding out for a quick-fix', and it's fairly realistic if you average it out over a longer period of time.

Some good news though is that, when you first embark on your new 'HEALTHY YOU' regimen, you'll probably find that weight melts away quite quickly for the first few days, or even for the first couple of weeks. This will give you a happy little boost. All the reading I've done on this seems to suggest that much of this is down to losing water rather than fat, but I'll take that. All wins are good wins :D

I've seen lots of 'miracle' products claiming you'll lose half a stone in a fortnight thanks entirely to their products. Actually, you'll probably lose that kind of weight just by starting a sensible diet and exercise programme.

Yesterday, I re-embarked on my mission to lose weight and I can tell you that I stepped on the scales this morning and am down 1.6lbs. In your face, holiday baggage! I haven't taken any 'miracle' products. I have just eaten sensibly - reducing processed sugars and carbs - and chomping my way through fruit and veg instead. I also walked more than 15,000 steps. So, diet and exercise was all I needed.

I expect my weight loss will be relatively speedy for the next few days as my body suddenly has to do a re-think now that it's not getting any holiday fodder. This will slow down. It'll probably plateau at some point too. I'll talk about how frustrating this is when it happens in another post.

My diet today will be fairly tedious, but that's because I have a LOT of work to do and little time to think about making my food exciting. Oh, and my laptop has decided to be very flaky. How does technology know when you really need it to work well?!?

Menu plan

Breakfast: Pink grapefruit
Lunch: Half chicken breast with back bacon and lots of salad with some mayo
Dinner: The rest of the chicken breast and bacon with baked beans
Snack: Ovaltine Options hot choccie drink - I might push the boat out and have a butterscotch one cos that's how I roll ;)
Drinks: 1.5l of tap water

This little lot adds up to about 730 calories according to FitBit.

FitBit Stats From Yesterday

Steps: 15,935
Distance: 6.29 miles
Active minutes: 125

My Stats

Current weight: 11st 10lbs
Next weight target: 11st 7lbs (pre-holiday weight)

TOMORROW: 'What Is A FitBit?'

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